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Jessie Lee is a porn star bombshell with femme fatale attitude and bitchin’ tattoos. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Jessie now makes Hollywood, California her personal stomping ground.

This Virgo vixen describes herself as a simple gal of sorts, noting her favorite hangouts as “bars” and “tour buses”. You’ll never find this girl stuck in front of a “Jersey Shore” episode, because she lacks ownership of a TV. You will however strike a chord in Jessie’s heart when you fire up a rousing game of “Rock Band”.

Jessie Lee loves to strut her fine ass around the stripper pole for her faithful fans, and openly admits true loves for fucking on film and being nude in public. All of these things may seem slightly standard for a hot Burning Angel temptress, but Jessie’s loyalty lies in something much deeper than just her BA stamp of approval. She has a major girl crush on Joanna Angel herself. Jessie’s bio at BurningAngel.com states, “I Have a Crush on: Joanna of course!” and “Perfect Match: Jessie + Joanna = True Love”.

When it comes to Jessie’s bedroom philosophy, we think her reasoning for what makes her a Burning Angel star says it all. “Because I like to fuck and I don’t give a fuck. :) ”, says Jessie Lee. Her favorite sexual position is doggy style, but she absolutely HATES anal. Jessie has done double penetration scenes, but there’s no “What What In the Butt” to be found (wink). She does however love to be tied up and tortured, fuck other girls with strap-on dildos, and get into “Animal Mode” with her boy toys.

We sent Jessie Lee a HotMovies.com T-shirt in exchange for some sexy photos, and these priceless boner builders are what came back. Upon opening these hot photos, an instant discussion erupted within the HotMovies marketing office on whether we liked Jessie Lee more with red hair or blonde hair. Then her 34C gorgeous breasts popped out during the example videos, and “both” was unanimously chosen.

Thank You Jessie Lee for totally making our day!

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Jessie Lee’s Burning Angel Profile

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