This movie doesn’t necessarily come from a totally free porno site, but it is a legitimately free movie that is available on adult, and other real deal adult websites.  You’re not actually stealing anything by not paying to Handcuffswatch this movie – the creators actually want to give you this little bit of super hot erotic smut for free.  You’re not supporting the ideology that you shouldn’t have to pay to watch people fuck on camera; that sex workers aren’t worth your money or that it is okay for performers to get paid an unfair wage because people don’t feel like they need to pay for their masturbation material.  Nope, you’re not doing that.  Lust Films wants you to enjoy this really well made porno short just because.

I am done ranting and I’m just going to talk about the awesomeness that is Handcuffs now.  Thanks for staying with me through my guilt trip.  I hope it worked.

Handcuffs isn’t a gonzo film.  It isn’t your run-of-the-mill poorly acted porno with a plot.  There really isn’t much sex at all, but it is hot.  The situation is intense.  So wrong that it’s right.  A situation many a woman would love to escape to whilst on a really crappy date.  Is it realistic?  One might be quick to say no, but I’m not entirely sure it wouldn’t happen.

The scenario: A dark haired woman is on a date at a super posh bar.  She is bored and listening to some guy rattle on about who knows what.  It’s the date that many of us have been on.  Pretending to listen to Mr. ‘I’m so awesome you want to hear all about me and my life.’ You can’t get a word in, but you don’t really want to.  You just want him to shut up long enough to finish his drink so you can leave.


An attractive couple walks in.  Her eye is drawn to them.  Some mix between sullen and aloof drips from their faces and clearly the male half is in control.  Her coat is removed which reveals her handcuffed wrists behind her back.  She must depend on her man for everything; he even puts the cigarette to her lips.  So wrong it’s right.

Our unhappy datee is fixated on them.  She follows them to the bathroom where she watches from the door way.  Beautifully edited, it gives you enough to really pop your pants tent, but keeps you wanting more.  Intensity builds.  The back half of her dress is undone. She remains handcuffed.  Our voyeur is still peeking as her phone rings.  Does she get caught?  You’ll have to watch for yourself.


This short film is more be about the overall fantasy/ erotic situation and less about the sexual acts.  It is well made and just different.  It’s also over in less than eight minutes.  It is hot enough to satisfy our dirty minds, but it reminds us that we don’t always need “all holes filled” to get turned on.

Watch Handcuffs before you rate it!

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Kitty Media

If you’re a fan of anime porn, I definitely have to recommend There is a wide variety of anime Hentai to choose from and the site is updated regularly with new movies and trailers. In the age of tube sites, is one adult site worth paying for.

On the front page are greeted with a few anime girls and a description of the site. From here we can take a free tour, register to become a member, login, etc.

Free Tour:

The free tour is loaded with tempting titles, video descriptions and great screen caps. There aren’t any streaming videos or trailers here, but there are plenty of images to wet your pallet and get you geared up for action. If still shots get you where you need to be, then you’re in luck.

Kitty Media - Awesome Cover Art

Free Trial:

I signed up for the free trial and was pretty impressed with what I got for no cost. I’ll back up a bit: the sign up is pretty quick and painless, but you do have to enter you basic info – name, date of birth, email address, physical address and phone number. It takes a matter of minutes. The free sign up entitles you to unlimited access to trailers, 20% off DVDs and select Hentai episodes available for free streaming in English. If you’re a pro and know what you’re looking for, you can perform a general search, Foxy Nudessearch by category or do an advanced search.

You can watch trailers for most movies or “episodes” and you can watch full movies for selected titles. There isn’t a “free trial” section dedicated specifically to the full length videos that are available. Unless I truly missed something here, finding a movie that you can watch for free in its entirety is purely based on luck. I did find some, but I’m just not sure how to locate all of them at once. It is after all a free trial so I can’t complain too much. The fact that you can watch such quality anime for free is totally a steal to begin with. I will definitely post an update if I prove myself wrong. Feel free to leave a comment if you discover a way to view your full selection of free videos before I do.

Paid Membership:

A paid member ship entitles you to full access to streaming videos, 30% discount on DVDs and store merchandise, exclusive access to new Hentai titles in English before their official US release and an ad free member area, which is a nice escape from penis enlargement advertisements. To upgrade to full member status you are taken to a page that allows you to either pay via credit card or online check. Processing is done through The cost is $19.99 for the first 30 days then 8.99 recurring every 30 days for 12 months. I was unable to locate information on a cancellation policy or whether one even exists. Their contact email is located on the site, so you can always contact to find more information. Their FAQ page states that they’ve never had any questions, but encourages you to email and ask away.

DVDs are available for purchase. Do people still do that?

Video Quality:Kitty Media - Full Length Anime Episode

The video quality is great and I didn’t have any issues with buffering. JW Player is used to watch movies and trailers. We get to watch the movies in English. The dubbing is quality and in no way distracting. has a bit of an old school look, but is plastered with screen caps and box covers. I love this because I often find anime cover art to be more fun to look at than the actual movies themselves. It definitely makes up for the simplistic design.

I’ll finish the same way I started this review. If you’re a fan of anime porn, I definitely have to recommend

Here is on last screen shot just for fun.  Enjoy.

Kitty Media Screen CapsCheck out before rating.

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“Real sex with girls who love girls.”  I tend to be weary of movies that find it necessary to make such claims.  If true passion exists, the movie will speak for itself.  I find that these types of pornos often star ho-hum gay for pay chicks that could care less about a vagina in their everyday life.  The box cover caught my eye so I was willing to give Girl Crush Volume 2 a whirl.

Let’s talk about Lily LaBeau and Andy San Dimas.  They Andy San Dimas and Lilly LaBeauare my focus for this review.  Holy fuck.  I have to say, I love both of these ladies, but I wasn’t totally buying the whole true passion and sincerity thing.  I knew there would be good sexin’ involved, but I wasn’t expecting much when it came to the rest. They took me on a girl-on-girl-lovin’ ride of excitement, mayhem and straight up happy-to-be-there ish.

What goes down: LaBeau and San Dimas definitely cannot get enough of each other.  If they’re faking it, well then two Oscars for them!  Andy seems a bit more top-ish and a Lily is a bit more of the done-to, but they both drive each other crazy with their mouths and all of the tribbing one could ask for.  At one point Andy straddles Lily’s face… so hot!  I’m not a huge fan of Ugz, but Andy rocks them throughout the scene.  I wasn’t sad about it.  It gets a little “typical” at times when A.S. shakes her ass for no good reason, but I guess you go with what you know, right?  Regardless, the scene was hot and I loved seeing a quivering heavy breathing Lily LaBeau as the shot faded.

Girl Crush Vol. 2The next scene is definitely a little more low key, but still ridiculously hot.  I’m not sure their faces were ever more than 3 inches apart.  Love it!  They snuck in a little light choking, which I also love.

I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes femme girl on girl sex.  These ladies are super into what and who they’re doing from beginning to end.  You’ll definitely be happy you watched it.

Watch Girl Crush Vol. 2 before you rate it.

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AEBN-Adult-Video-on-DemandClick HERE to check out this site Before Rating

AEBN was formed in 1999. At the time, video-streaming technology was still in its infancy, but the founders of AEBN immediately recognized the impact this technology could have on customers looking for a discreet way to purchase adult content. In the weeks and months that followed, AEBN developed and launched a unique adult Video-On-Demand service that revolutionized content delivery for the adult industry. AEBN’s pay-per-minute model became the standard for online pornography one that is still used today. AEBN offers over 100,000 titles and includes material from at least 1,500 different studios with 10 million subscribers worldwide, as of 2011.

Click HERE to check out this site Before Rating

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Rating: 6.3/10 (8 votes cast)