Girlfriends Films has launched a new sub studio called Juicy Pink Box.Taxi Vol. 1

I like it, or I should say I like the look of it’s first title Boutique.

The look is really the only thing that interests me.  Even so, a minor fill light wouldn’t kill you.  The shadows can be sexy, but too much of anything is no good.

The sex itself just doesn’t feel quite right.  It is a bit rushed and unnatural. The acting/reality lacks any depth and isn’t convincing.

It seems as though the performers are just trying to stuff a bunch of different positions into the scenes rather than just enjoying themselves.  Sure, porn is often made with the viewer in mind, but there authentic enjoyment is equally important.

The second movie, Taxi Vol. 1, still feels like it is missing something, but is better than Boutique.

I really like the juxtaposition of Madison Young and Jizz Lee. Madison’s hair and red lips look beautiful on Jizz’s pale skin.

The title tells me the scene takes place in a taxi, but the lack of dialogue and any type of set up is unsettling – 2 sexy women having sex in the back of a limo without speaking.  Why?  Who are they?

Scene 5 with Justine Joli and Syd Blakovich is probably my favorite.

I’m not so sure these movies will go over with the regular Girlfriends crowd.

Reviewed by: James

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There is a new lesbian studio on the scene and I’m pretty into it.Lesbea

Lesbea doesn’t offer much in the way of plots, but what do get is beautiful women having sex with lots of kissing, skin to skin contact and a healthy does of real passion.

The Pros:

Attractive Women – Really attractive.  As in real breasts, some pubic hair and natural beauty that speaks for itself.

Well Shot – Lesbea uses a high end camera and does it right. The color balance is pretty good and you don’t see some of the harsh imperfections that plague HD in general.

Topless - Lesbea

Beautifully Lit – Soft lighting, shadows in all the right places. There is never a moment where I feel like there is an injustice done to these gals.  I am quite impressed by the technical aspects here.  This matters!

Decent Audio – The music tracks accentuate the action rather than covering the steamy hot sex noises that are essential to good porn.  You get some fade in music and some fade out after the final orgasm, but that’s about it. If you want music in your porn you are free to shove in an 8 track.

Real Orgasms – You can actually see the women are enjoying themselves. Many studios claim to have real orgasms in their films, but these claims are often false.  I find this not only disappointing me, but also for these ladies themselves.  Faking pleasure sucks, even if it is for the camera.  If the Lesbea girls are faking it, they are damn good actresses.

Location – This is hit or miss depending on the individual titles, but for the most part I totally dig the locations. The angled ceilings used in many give a feeling of closeness to the movies that works for me. I’ve seen enough ugly bedspreads in Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart video to last me a lifetime.

Lesbian Vestal Virgin - Lesbea

The Cons:

No Plot – Personally, I often find the plot or reason for the sex to be as great as the actual sex.  I need my entire brain stimulated. The movies are generally only one sex scene broken into 2 parts.  Sometimes I’m left wanting a little more.

No Dialog – This could be a plus for some people, but dirty talk and some fuck yeahs every once in a while make it more real for me.  The purring and moaning are okay, but I like seeing and hearing my porno performers communicate with each other.  I like seeing a connection there.

My assumption is that these movies are shot overseas and the women may not speak English which explains the lack of plot and dialogue.
The Ski Lodge - Lesbea

Here are the movies I used in this review:

After Party – The one woman resembles Michelle Trachtenberg which is awesome. The make-out session in the beginning is ridiculously hot.

Topless – Something about the red head topless in jeans just did it for me. I want to jump in bed with these 2.

Human Heat 1 – I was so not a fan of this one.  The whole thing just felt wrong. There wasn’t much of a connection and the set, clothes, etc simply didn’t work.

Lean on Me – The brunette is a bit dominant.  I love a woman that knows how to take control.

Lesbian Vestal Virgin – Two cute brunettes with hard nipples. What’s not to love?

Heartbeats 3 – Both women start out wearing sweaters and shorts. I don’t generally think of sweaters as being a part of the sexy clothing category, but they wore them well and got the job done.

The Ski Lodge – I liked the sweaters so much that I had to watch the Ski Lodge next. I wish they had pants on in the beginning just so I could watch them longer.

Take a look at Lesbea and all that they have to offer then leave your rating!

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