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Dani is hands down the best lesbian porno of its kind that I’ve seen in quite a while.  It doesn’t have the rough-spit filled action that a lot of porno has these days.  It also isn’t the super slow paced snooz fest that you often get with a lot of lesbian porno.  This movie makes it perfectly clear that ‘sensual’ doesn’t mean ‘boring’.  Not to mention, Dani Daniels is gorgeous and definitely has a passion and talent for sexin’ up the ladies.  You have to love a porno lady that takes pride in her work!

As the title suggests, Dani Daniels stars in each of the 4 scenes.  In scene 1 she is paired up with the tart and tiny Georgia Jones.  Georgia is quiet, but loves every bit of Dani’s handy work.  There is a lot of chemistry between these two which is totally evident in their constant eye contact.  I especially enjoy watching Dani rub Georgia’s clit while her legs are spread wide open.  Hot!Dani

Scene 2 stars Dani along side the stunning Holly Michaels.  I have to be honest, I really dislike the opening to this scene.  The two ladies are dancing around in bikinis and it just seems incredibly contrived.  I have nothing against watching two bikini clad hotties shake it before they fuck, but here it doesn’t work for me.  Once they get past all of this, the situation improves.  Each takes turns riding on each others faces and it is glorious.  When Holly is on top, you can see Dani’s tongue stroking her pussy.  Anyone who needs some oral sex pointers, watch and learn from Miss Daniels.  She knows what’s up.  After Dani has had her turn straddling Heather’s face, we get some tribbing action.  In case you’re not familiar, tribbing is what happens when two pussies grind against one another.

Scenes 3 and 4 are both super intense.  We get to watch Dani get it on with the unbearably hot Skin Diamond.  They do it on the white shag area rug which makes me wish I was a white shag area rug.  Daniels totally rocks Skin’s world as Skin spends most of the time looking like she can’t believe what Dani is doing to her.  You can tell both are really excited about fucking each other.  Scene 4 stars Veronica Avluv as Dani’s final course.  You can tell from the start that Veronica thinks she is going to be the tops in this sex session.  While she definitely works some magic, Dani takes her place as the sweet and sensual boss that she is.  They literally have a hot and sweaty romp!

I recommend Dani to anyone that likes femme lesbian porno.  It is really well done and all of the performers are totally into what they’re doing.  Hotness all around!

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Unfortunately, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t in Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, even though we would all really love to see his sexy-time moves.  Seth Gamble plays the part instead.  He does a decent job, but he lacks the confidence that Iron Man possesses.  I’m not mad at you, Seth.  We can’t all be the most valuable star in Hollywood!

As far as the porno goes, the three-way in scene 1 with Tony Stark, a bodyguard, and a reporter (Tanya Tate) is only okay.  The sex is pretty formulaic, but on a good note, Tanya is rarely without a cock in her mouth.  The scene isn’t overly exciting, but I do like that the arc reactor Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parodyis steadily glowing in Tony’s chest throughout the entire MMF sex session.  The arc reactor is Iron Man’s power source and the only thing keeping him alive (for those of you who don’t know).  The fucking is fairly quiet, which is a bit of a turn off for me.  I like knowing that people are enjoying the sex when I’m watching porno.   Robotic acts of fucking don’t turn me.  The enjoyment of the process – the sex noises and silly o-faces – is the exciting part.  The two dudes blow their loads and the porno carries on.

This parody doesn’t really parallel the Iron Man movies.  As the XXX story goes, Iron Man reveals his identity and his enemies come after him – The Hulk, Madame Masque, Justin Hammer, and Justin.  Black Widow is on Iron Man’s side.  Most notable is the sex scene starring The Hulk (Jordan Lane) and Black Widow (Chanel Preston).  Both performers stay in character for the banging, which I totally love.  The performers in porno parodies tend to break character during the sex which defeats the purpose.  The funny/sexy/interesting thing about XXX spoofs is watching the various characters get it on and interact while they do it.  If I want to watch a movie where sex alone is what matters, there are plenty for me to choose from!  Anywho, to get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out the free clip:

In addition to hot Hulk boning, we get to watch a gratifying fight scene between some of characters in scene 6.  The fighting isn’t half bad and we even get beams of light shooting from Iron Man’s hands.

Scene 7 features a super hot sex scene with Tony Stark and his assistant/ love of his life, Pepper Pots (Heather Starlet).  I’m sure most Iron Man fans want to know what it’s like when the two do it so I love that they included this.  I know I do!

Overall, it is a decent parody that will keep you entertained.  It would be hard for anyone to come close to my beloved Iron Man movies so I have to give these folks credit for a job well done.

Iron Man XXX is a decent parody – it has a good bit of humor with performers that are totally dedicated to their characters.  No one could ever match the greatness that is Iron Man, but these folks didn’t do a bad job.

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Nina Loves Ron

A Love Story 35 Years-in-the-Making

CANOGA PARK, CA – July 25, 2012 – Hustler, the most powerful name in adult entertainment, today announced that two of the industry’s greatest stars will be showcased in a new scene coming to DVD next week. “Nina Loves Ron” features Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy in a send-up of modern dating by two masters of the craft, directed by Axel Braun.

In addition to all-new content featuring the trials of online dating, the first tentative steps of budding love and (of course) sex, the DVD includes classic scenes from Nina and Ron with such co-stars as Tom Byron, Alicia Monet, Crystal Wilder and Renee Morgan.

“We are all huge fans of both of these stars,” said Drew Rosenfeld, Hustler’s Creative Director. “We wanted to create a project where, after 35 years, we could bring Nina and Ron together again, and make a film that stands out. I think we succeeded. This film will make you want to fall in love again.”

Nina Loves Ron is set for release on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

For everything Hustler, visit and

For Hustler Video sales inquiries, contact David Diamond at or call 818.812.9519 x203.



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Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers 3: Don’t Tread On Me is the perfect blend of pervy foot action and hot hetero fucking.  The feet are always featured in some way, whether they are the main focus or a nice side dish to a blowjob.  The tootsies are always a part of the action, which is nice so I never feel like I’ve been duped by the title, nor is there so much foot in my face that I get bored.  Not that Belladonna would ever deceive me OR bore me, I just wanted to point that out for those of you who aren’t so familiar with Bella’s work.

Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers 3: Don’t Tread On MeLet’s talk about scene 2 and how Dani Jensen and Mr. Pete had my jaw gently resting on my keyboard for roughly 40 minutes.  The two run into each other on the street and Mr. Pete invites Dani to come over to his place to give her tired feet a rest.  We find out that he doesn’t just want her company; he wants her smelly feet all over his face and in his mouth.  The thought of her sweat scented feet drives him cray (in a good way) even though Dani is totally embarrassed.  Mr. Pete tells her that some men are turned on by stinky fee, which turns out to be his not-so-subtle way of hitting on her.  Mr. Pete, in all of his fabulously pervy ways, really is a foot man and it is oh so apparent.  He works her feet into his mouth, sucks her toes, shoves her toe into her mouth while she blows him, etc.  There is definitely no lack in creativity here!  The two are totally turned on by each other and have some intensely amazing sex.  In fact, Mr. Pete blows his load twice!  Just when you think the scene might come to a close, without missing a beat, he is right back in the action.  They wear each other out and all is right in the world.  I would recommend looking for the moment where Dani is riding him while her toes are simultaneously playing with his balls.  Impressive!
Enjoy this free clip from Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers 3: Don’t Tread On Me then click here for the entire free video gallery!

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I debated whether or not I should review or  Sure, I could do both, but I don’t have that kind of time on my hands today.  I went with the blog because the photos and posts come straight from James’s brain and fingertips. allows you to James Deen courtesy of jamesdeenblog.comsee all of his content in one neat and tidy little place.  If you want to have yourself an all day James Deen-jack-off-a-thon then you should definitely hit up his regular site.  You get plenty of info on movies he has directed and starred in as well as a link to a theater that you can pay per minute to watch all the James Deen porno you can handle.  If, on the other hand, you want to get a peek into the mind of the man behind the cock, his blog is the place to go.

Mr. Deen gives us behind the scenes looks at the movies he stars in and directs, although he doesn’t necessarily get into how the pornos are made.  There are tons of hot cell phone pics taken of his co-stars and they are usually mostly or all the way naked.  While you can always see these lovely ladies getting down and dirty in their scenes, there is something special and super sexy about seeing a cell phone picture taken off the clock.  Sometimes he just snags a quick photo of the gals being silly or straight chillin’, which I love as well.  When he isn’t posting pictures of the beautiful Dana DeArmond peeing or Lexi Belle’s adorable/succulent ass or about having anal sex with hot MILFs, he is talking about food and other random things.  He is a pretty funny dude in an unapologetic-I-like boobs kind of way.  He doesn’t use capital letters in his writing which adds a personal touch.  He never takes himself too seriously, but I would venture to say that he takes the art of fucking at least a little bit seriously because he is really really good at it.

The site itself is simple and easy to navigate.  Other than his blog posts, you can check his friend’s sites, a photo gallery (more of him hanging out with porno stars and eating burritos) and an about page with a little bio and tons of comments from fans and girls who want to get it on.

He also posts things like this (from James Deen Fucks Brand New Big Butt Latina Ava Alvarez):

today i did a scene with a new girl for  i was a professor and i banged my student.  she started it though.  she was all like, hey professor, do you want to bang?  and i was all like, no, that would totally be inappropriate.  but then you know… she grabbed my penis so i went for it and we banged behind some bushes.   i then flew to vegas and ate at some hotel restaurant at 3 in the morning.  i don’t remember the name but it was decent.  vegas always does this thing where they give you way too much food.  i think it is because they know everything is extremely over priced so they makeup for it by giving you a lot of food so even though no one could ever clear their plate they feel less raped.   for instance, i ordered the chicken finger appetizer which consisted of twelve four inch by two – three inch pieces of chicken and french fries.  i am well aware that i am a skinny jew bastard but i can eat.  like i am really good at eating, and i could only put away five of these things.  decent food though.  it was the restaurant in the mgm that is open 24 hours.  here are some naked pictures.

Ava Alvarez courtesy of

And this.  It’s not Lexi Belle’s ass, but it is Lexi Belle being silly without any panties on:

Lexi Belle courtesy of

I also like it when he posts things like this (and when I see Joanna Angel and Belladonna banners):

Phoenix Maria via

I’m definitely not sad about seeing this:

James Deen's Cock via

James Deen is the porno man of present time.  I definitely recommend checking out his if you’re interested in reading his random thoughts, most of which pertain to hot porn performers and food.

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Some might peg the ladies at HotMoviesForHer for watching super soft core porn, but quite the opposite is true.  It just so happens that they review a wide variety of titles and are quite the dirty birdies.  On their list of top women in the porno biz is Bobbi Starr.  She makes magic happen Kiss Me Lick Me Fuck Me (Disc 1) Reviewon screen with her sexin’ skills, but she also knows how to direct an entire movie of purely amazing filth.  Here is a little bit of what the HM4Her girlies had to say about Kiss Me Lick Me Fuck (Disc 1).

  Bobbi Starr never ceases to blow my mind with her rough and dirty ways.  She pushes her boundaries and expects the same of her co-stars.  Kiss Me Lick Me Fuck Me is an all girl bonanza of tongue fucking, titty slapping, asshole finger fucking and way way more.  Bobbi performs in and directs this super intense porno fuck fest.

Phoenix Marie co-stars with Bobbi in scene 1.  Per the title, the two start out kissing and with Bobbi burying her face between Phoenix’s big silicone breasts.  I love the contrast between the tender passionate kisses and the rough visceral fucking.  Miss Starr pays some attention to Miss Marie’s pussy, but becomes enamored with her butt hole.  Spit and fingers fill it up and Bobbi looks almost possessed (in a good way).  I can always count on her movies to be anything but the same old porno.  She has her style of fucking, but she always busts out with a little something new and improvised in every scene.  In this one, she has her pantyhose pulled down to her ankles.  Her legs are up and proceeds to choke Phoenix with the crotch area.  I’m fairly certain you have no idea what I’m talking about so you’ll just have to see it to understand.

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Courtesy of



An honored website at the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards, delivers when it comes to really good queer porn.  The episodes themselves are always intimate and filled with passion, chemistry and performers who are all about the getting it on.  They have a genuine interest in each other and their work.  They would enjoy fucking each other even if it wasn’t their job and that’s pretty awesome.

The Crash Pad Series opened my eyes to the world of queer and alternative porn a few years back.  There is a lot of mainstream porn out there that I enjoy, but this series was a breath of fresh air – a variety of bodies and genders having the kind of sex that they Episode 7: Jiz and Vaiwant to have.  Fucking awesome.  Nothing fake or forced.  I don’t want to go on too much of a tangent of personal feelings about the movies, but I have to at least mention because it because they’re integral to the site.  If you’re looking for girls that have undergone numerous plastic surgeries (which is totally fine) you need to know that you won’t find it at the  That isn’t what they’re about.  They’re all about queer and transgender folks who display themselves for their own satisfaction knowing that other folks will do the same.  I could ramble on for hours, but to sum it up this is what Shine Louise Houston (director and producer) has to say about what they do:

“Based on the Award-Winning feminist queer porn film The Crash Pad, is home to authentic queer sexuality. Here you’ll find real dyke porn, lesbians, femme on femme, boi, stud, genderqueer and trans-masculine performers, transwomen, transmen, queer men and women engaging in authentic queer sexuality, whether it is with safer sex, strap-on sex, cocksucking, kink and bdsm, gender play and fluidity, and always-authentic orgasms.”

Crash Pad Series - Characters

What is the Crash Pad?  It’s a secret apartment in San Francisco – only a few have the key, but tons of amazing sex is had their.  Once you watch an episode, you totally get it so I’m not going to get into a long drawn out discussion about it.

Crash Pad Series

Now, let’s discuss the site.

The site is intuitive and easy to navigate.  There is a lot to look at in addition to watching the episodes – character photo galleries, blog, and more info about who they are and what they offer.  Each episode is listed with a free preview trailer, a photo and brief description.  They are all well written and give a concise idea of what they are so you can easily choose which one tickles your fancy.  They also list performers and a link to their bio page.  Depending on which level of membership you have, you can few additional photos from the film and even some behind the scenes stuff.  Pretty awesome!

Crash Pad Series - Episodes

You get to see a lot for free (various trailers and whatnot), but as mentioned above there are a few levels of paid membership available:

Level 1 ($22 per 30days)members can watch new streaming Episodes every two weeks, including access to over 100 previous episodes and hundred of photos. Our streams are now both iPad and iPhone accessible”.

Level 2 ($32 per 30 days) “members can watch engaging Behind The Scenes interviews with the stars, posted every two weeks on an alternating schedule with the Episodes. Nearly all of our archives include complete text transcripts”.

Level 3 ($37 per 30 days) “members can download each Episode and Behind the Scenes installment in either WMV or Quicktime format, as well as watch us film each episode LIVE. Filming dates are announced in advance, via the blog and events calendar”.
CrashPadSeries.comYou get a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re into queer porn and all that surrounds it, it is definitely worthwhile for you to join.

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Girlfriends Films has launched a new sub studio called Juicy Pink Box.Taxi Vol. 1

I like it, or I should say I like the look of it’s first title Boutique.

The look is really the only thing that interests me.  Even so, a minor fill light wouldn’t kill you.  The shadows can be sexy, but too much of anything is no good.

The sex itself just doesn’t feel quite right.  It is a bit rushed and unnatural. The acting/reality lacks any depth and isn’t convincing.

It seems as though the performers are just trying to stuff a bunch of different positions into the scenes rather than just enjoying themselves.  Sure, porn is often made with the viewer in mind, but there authentic enjoyment is equally important.

The second movie, Taxi Vol. 1, still feels like it is missing something, but is better than Boutique.

I really like the juxtaposition of Madison Young and Jizz Lee. Madison’s hair and red lips look beautiful on Jizz’s pale skin.

The title tells me the scene takes place in a taxi, but the lack of dialogue and any type of set up is unsettling – 2 sexy women having sex in the back of a limo without speaking.  Why?  Who are they?

Scene 5 with Justine Joli and Syd Blakovich is probably my favorite.

I’m not so sure these movies will go over with the regular Girlfriends crowd.

Reviewed by: James

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There is a new lesbian studio on the scene and I’m pretty into it.Lesbea

Lesbea doesn’t offer much in the way of plots, but what do get is beautiful women having sex with lots of kissing, skin to skin contact and a healthy does of real passion.

The Pros:

Attractive Women – Really attractive.  As in real breasts, some pubic hair and natural beauty that speaks for itself.

Well Shot – Lesbea uses a high end camera and does it right. The color balance is pretty good and you don’t see some of the harsh imperfections that plague HD in general.

Topless - Lesbea

Beautifully Lit – Soft lighting, shadows in all the right places. There is never a moment where I feel like there is an injustice done to these gals.  I am quite impressed by the technical aspects here.  This matters!

Decent Audio – The music tracks accentuate the action rather than covering the steamy hot sex noises that are essential to good porn.  You get some fade in music and some fade out after the final orgasm, but that’s about it. If you want music in your porn you are free to shove in an 8 track.

Real Orgasms – You can actually see the women are enjoying themselves. Many studios claim to have real orgasms in their films, but these claims are often false.  I find this not only disappointing me, but also for these ladies themselves.  Faking pleasure sucks, even if it is for the camera.  If the Lesbea girls are faking it, they are damn good actresses.

Location – This is hit or miss depending on the individual titles, but for the most part I totally dig the locations. The angled ceilings used in many give a feeling of closeness to the movies that works for me. I’ve seen enough ugly bedspreads in Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart video to last me a lifetime.

Lesbian Vestal Virgin - Lesbea

The Cons:

No Plot – Personally, I often find the plot or reason for the sex to be as great as the actual sex.  I need my entire brain stimulated. The movies are generally only one sex scene broken into 2 parts.  Sometimes I’m left wanting a little more.

No Dialog – This could be a plus for some people, but dirty talk and some fuck yeahs every once in a while make it more real for me.  The purring and moaning are okay, but I like seeing and hearing my porno performers communicate with each other.  I like seeing a connection there.

My assumption is that these movies are shot overseas and the women may not speak English which explains the lack of plot and dialogue.
The Ski Lodge - Lesbea

Here are the movies I used in this review:

After Party – The one woman resembles Michelle Trachtenberg which is awesome. The make-out session in the beginning is ridiculously hot.

Topless – Something about the red head topless in jeans just did it for me. I want to jump in bed with these 2.

Human Heat 1 – I was so not a fan of this one.  The whole thing just felt wrong. There wasn’t much of a connection and the set, clothes, etc simply didn’t work.

Lean on Me – The brunette is a bit dominant.  I love a woman that knows how to take control.

Lesbian Vestal Virgin – Two cute brunettes with hard nipples. What’s not to love?

Heartbeats 3 – Both women start out wearing sweaters and shorts. I don’t generally think of sweaters as being a part of the sexy clothing category, but they wore them well and got the job done.

The Ski Lodge – I liked the sweaters so much that I had to watch the Ski Lodge next. I wish they had pants on in the beginning just so I could watch them longer.

Take a look at Lesbea and all that they have to offer then leave your rating!

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